What does Santa say?


A long time ago from now, i have been dedicated to fill every home around the world with joy during the Christmas Holidays and it is always a pleasure to do it, if they behave off course. If they dont, I am afraid I wont be able to give them everything they wished for that year because they dont deserve it.


Just so you know, I know Everything. I have spies from the north pole all over the world that are watching everythign you do, so you better be good! I know when you lie, or cheat and I also know when you are being a good boy or girl, So if you want presents this year, I ask that you behave. Its the best you can give yourself and the world.


On December 24, I will begin my long route around the world to distribute gifts to children all over the world. I hope you send me your letter because if you dont, I highly doubt that you will recieve the gifts yo really want. I hope that in return, you will place milk and cookies under the christmass tree for me and my elves, because as you can see it is a long night and we get really hungry. You cannot be awake when I arrive, otherwise I cant go into your houses.


Alright little children behave and enjoy this season filled with peace and love!


My regards,


Santa Claus.


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